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This Dress Has Pockets

debut collection (2019)
published by verve poetry press 


’I struggle to throw things away. Used envelopes, mostly. This is not only my debut collection of poetry, it is my hoard, my memory bank, my adventure into the known.

‘This dress has pockets' exudes the feeling of finding a dress that fits in a charity shop for only £4.50 and it has the functionality of pockets that are deep enough to carry unsent love letters and conkers and those memories that you wish you could binge watch, or tape over.

It is ethereal but memorable, surreal, but familiar, like a dream you weren’t able to keep hold of. It is what it means to remember, what it means to grow up storing your thoughts close to you, in pockets of dresses that make you look alright until you sit down in them. Now is your time to dance in it, now is the time to empty your pockets and spin.’


-Hannah Swingler (2019)

HANNAH SWINGS this dress has pockets poetry collection
HANNAH SWINGS this dress has pockets poetry collection

paperback available here 

e-book available here

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