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Trittiford Park, Yardley Wood

My Nan grew up in Yardley Wood, spending her childhood playing in Happy Valley and the surrounding areas. Though this was still a simpler time, it was also a hard one for anyone living through it. (I believe it to be important that we remember this when looking back at history; that nostalgia can stain memories with a shade of rose.)

Yet, when my Mom took my family to visit Trittiford Park last year, she made a simple but powerful statement: That we think Nan would have had good times here. Anywhere there are trees and fresh air - let alone row boats for hire and a ford to paddle in! - seems like it was a great landscape to grow up in.

My Nan and Grandad moved from Yardley Wood when my Mom was 7 years old to the new suburb of Chelmsley Wood, although my Mom still remembers playing in the laurel bushes at Trittiford. I grew up going on long walks with my Grandad in the woods with his dog, Sally, and any opportunity for a day trip outdoors, my Nan and Mom were, and still are, up for. And I know that this love will continue throughout my life.

Considering all the places I could have ended up when looking for my first teaching job, its almost like fate that I ended up back here, where my roots began.

The Ford at Trittiford Park (May 2020 vs 1910s)

Trittiford Park & Mill Pool (originally called Titteford Mill) in Yardley Wood

(Top to bottom: -Row boats for hire on the Mill pool, date unknown and May 2020

-Children fishing near Four Arches at Titteford Mill c.1905

-Gazebo with benches along the poolside, date unknown

-Titteford Mill, which ceased operating in 1914 and was demolished after a fire

in 1920, possibly around 1910, Slade Lane entrance, date unknown

-The Flower Garden, date unknown, the weeping willow May 2020

-Goslings and one of the Herons that live in the park

Children at Yardley Wood Train Station, 1908

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