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Second Chance

Updated: May 27, 2020

I bought a vintage dress from a charity shop in Worcester last summer for £2.99 to give it a home. (Do not get started me on my obsession with charity shops!) It was originally from Rackhams in Brum (a favourite haunt of many a Midlander) and has now found its way into my wardrobe.

Rackhams moved from Temple Row to Corporation Street in 1960. Here are some photos from that time showcasing the 'Mrs Maisel' level of glamour!

My poem 'Second Chance', that uses the dress as the muse, was published in the Hippodrome Young Poets Anthology '30 Synonyms for Emerging' late last year with Verve Poetry Press. My debut performance of it can be viewed here thanks to Verse First's recording of the anthology launch at Apples & Snakes' November Hit The Ode spoken word night.

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