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Ellen Alice Collison

Here it is! My first bio-poem for my new project 'Not to Scale', an exploration into the lives of the women of Birmingham's history.


I found Ellen Collison in a locked cupboard in the BMI library and just had to do some digging on Ancestry / my imagination. She was the first elected female Industrial Governor of the Birmingham Midland Institute and was "heard to declare that her ambitions still lie tantalisingly ahead of her and regret(s) that one life is very little in which to learn all she would like to know" She's the lady with the best life quote. I have found Ellen in censuses from 1881 aged 4 in Aston, through to her death on Christmas Eve in 1948. She never married or had children, but worked her way up to being a managing solicitor's clerk and lived out her last days 1/2 a mile from the beach in Newquay. I hope she felt she learnt a lot during her life.


If you're interested in the project, then please check out and follow @nottoscalebrum on Instagram as I will be posting stuff on there too, including old photos and behind the scenes work-in-progress shots. But yes! I hope you enjoy it.💕

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