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I'm finally doing it, again, for like the third time running - I'm going to start blogging. [lol]

As people may expect, I journal - usually around Christmas time, with new stationary and a book I'm almost too scared to ruin with my ramblings - but make myself chunder my emotional and literary guts into because I'm petrified of forgetting the important/not so important moments of my year.

Problem is, I am in awe of the power of ramblings. Of free writes and conscious nonsensical wanderings etc etc etc and I've decided that the only way I am going to collate my thoughts is by typing them - especially since my hand hurts from drawing all day (that's all art teachers do, or so I've been told).

Even though Anne Frank is my literary hero and one of my fave books of all time is Any Human Heart by William Boyd, you're going to have to deal with the fact I cannot maintain a traditional diary. I should say now, that if you've stumbled upon this post when you were really looking for my CV (here's a link to help you out or my professionalism (non-existent) then turn back. This blog will contain poetry/writing/facilitation adventures but it may also include photos of food and Jim Halpert reaction gifs, I apologise in advance (secretly, you're welcome).

Apparently, I also overuse parentheses.

Apparently, I'm going to try and maintain this so that it doesn't exist as one post.

Who knows. Time is a beautiful thing. (As is Jim).

Okay. So, yes, welcome. Here it is (I promise it won't always be this bad).


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